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These are a couple games I made for fun years ago in college in my spare time. They’re not terribly innovative or creative, but they were a fun start. Enjoy!

UPDATE: These games are so old that browsers don’t support them anymore. (Except for the 3D downloadable game.) I’m keeping them here for historical purposes.

Wordstorm v1.0 (1.9.2005) — This is my third Java game. It’s a typing game.
Another Dumb Space Game (8.8.2003) — This was my first non-Java 3D game. I also did the music.
D’ohnuts v1.5 (5.23.2003) — This is my second Java game, but I created it very soon after making Pong, as you can see!
Pong v1.2 (5.23.2003) — This is the first game I’ve ever programmed.