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Featured Novel

Perfect Cadence: When a struggling musician obsessed with perfection suddenly finds himself with the mysterious ability to play and write perfect music, he does whatever it takes to get to the top at the expense of others—without considering the true cost.

Featured Music

This is my latest piece, my first experimentation with dubstep. (Headphones or good speakers strongly suggested.)

The following is one of my favorite compositions and the only one that has been recorded live. It was performed by the Cornerstone University Piano Trio of 2006 with Karis Crawford on violin, Meaghan Ransom on cello, and me on piano.

Here is the first composition where I decided to bite the bullet and add vocals. I almost didn’t add lyrics, but then decided they would be better than singing “ah” for the whole thing. Turns out that was a good idea since it gave me the chance to make the song about an important topic!

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