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Featured Novel

The Dreamer: In the real world, she was nothing but a child with an overactive imagination, but when Kyria discovered she could enter an alternate reality in her dreams, she knew it was her chance to be more. But as Malgharus tries to turn the dream into a nightmare by spreading evil throughout the world for his own personal gain, her powers are put to the test. The world is relying on her as the Dreamer to save them. Will Kyria have the strength she needs to fight the darkness?

The Dreamer sample (first three chapters)


“Ever had a dream so lifelike that once you woke, you couldn’t remember where you were or what had and had not happened in the real world? I know I have. It is a scary and wonderful feeling, all rolled into one. Now, imagine you weren’t really dreaming but visiting an alternate universe. And you’re only nine years old. And you are the destined savior of this new universe. How could you ever hope to survive? Who do you trust?

Meet Kyria, a Dreamer. For her, this is reality. But what truly is reality?”

– Elly

Featured Music

This piece was originally written for a feature film trailer. It starts out slow, but it picks up halfway through as the percussion begins and the action increases. The piece then crescendoes on a journey to an explosive end.

Below is the haunting theme from Gisela’s Closet, a short film about an abused little girl and how she was forced to cope with her situation.

The following is one of my favorite compositions and the only one that has been recorded live. It was performed by the Cornerstone University Piano Trio of 2006 with Karis Crawford on violin, Meaghan Ransom on cello, and me on piano.

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